A List Of Compelling Dissertation Topics In Political Economics

Among the social sciences, subjects like political science, history and economics have had the most substantial impact on our civilization. As the human generations continue to evolve, it can be safely said that economics and politics will continue to play a major role. There are several ones that you will continue to come across these two powerful factors that will decide much of the policies that governments around the world will make.

Politics and economy

In the present age, politics goes hand in hand with both economy and geography. It is really very difficult two separate these from one another and look at things from a solo perspective. But that must be done if it needs to be done. There are always a few things that appear to come in the way when you are trying to relocate back and forth between the subjects.

To help you understand the diversity of political economics, it will be apt to take you through some of the paper ideas and topics in the subject. You may as well choose one of these as your topic.

Great dissertation topic in political economics

  • The immigrants of Vietnam in King County: How the migrants have adapted to life in Seattle?

  • The Chinese enigma cracked: An imperfect world’s polity and economy viewed from the outside

  • The Urban agriculture trends in Latin America: what constitutes the seeds of urban development?

  • What are some political economic methods to help refugees in search of homes?

  • How does Northern Ireland suffer from a crisis of identity: a reflection on the Agreement of Good Friday?

  • What level of coordination is required to reach something as basic as primary healthcare in the remotest areas of underdeveloped countries?

  • The corporate and political class that comes into play as and when there is a new country with oil

  • How is China rapidly losing natural biodiversity with the fast depleting panda bear?

  • Bursting the China bubble: how the haunting ghost cities tell a story of polito-economic fraud that the Chinese communist government has done with its people

  • Analyze the role of China and Pakistan in trying to destabilize the role of India as a growing regional power in South Asia

  • Look at some of the most probable ways of development in the nations around the South China Sea

  • Dissertation: Why is it wisest of the USA to keep out of matters concerning Pakistan and let regional powers deal with it?