How To Write A Research Paper In 3 Hours Without Mistakes

How do these things happen? It seems like the teacher had given you the task just a few days ago. However, it isn’t so. If you’re the type of person who always has to write a research paper at the last minute despite all intentions, this plan will be helpful to you.

  1. Relax.
  2. You should understand that tomorrow is the due date and the paper must be ready in 3 hours. However, you shouldn’t panic. Keep calm and focus on the topic. Turn the writing of a research paper into a cool and useful experience. Turn on some music that helps you write and follow this plan.

  3. Do the research.
  4. Having only 3 hours left, you can’t go to the library or consult your instructor. Thus, the best way to find the sources you need is to use search engines. Find resources that are specific, new, and peer-reviewed. Organize them so nothing important will be lost or deleted.

  5. Develop a thesis statement.
  6. Depending on the type of paper, the thesis statement will explain ideas, evaluate them, or make claims. In any case, this sentence should help readers understand the main idea of your paper. Keep it short and simple. You will use it a lot when writing the body of your assignment.

  7. Write the body.
  8. Taking into account all the information you need, start writing. Read your thesis statement and organize the body of the paper according to it. It’s not a good idea to start with the introduction or conclusion. Write the facts, the main arguments, and the supporting paragraphs. If you copy information from various sources, they may sound different. Pay attention to the general tone of the text. Avoid plagiarism. Rephrase all the information you understand and add citations.

  9. Add the introduction and conclusion.
  10. Having written the main body, you’ll understand whether your paper has answers to the main questions. Don’t write more arguments than those you have supported in the main part of the text. The conclusion should be a bigger variant of the thesis statement. Restate and support it.

  11. Check everything.
  12. Read your paper and feel proud of yourself. You’ve done it. You’ve written a great research paper. Use a proof-reading program and correct any mistakes. Now leave it for some time. If the due date is tomorrow, go to bed. It’ll be much easier to edit everything in the morning. If you don’t have enough time, leave the paper for an hour or so, make yourself a cup of tea, and start reading.