How To Come Up With Successful Dissertation Topics: Tips And Examples

A dissertation is the culmination of years of study. There are real blood, sweat and tears involved in getting to the point where you are about to write a dissertation. Then, the process of writing it itself involves more of the same. Its importance to the academic career as well as the personal involvement and hardship that the student has had to endure means getting the dissertation right is hugely important. It is more than important, it is vital.

Getting the dissertation right begins by getting the most basic thing right about it: the topic. If you select the wrong topic and start writing about it, it could be months or even years into your program of study that you realize something is wrong. The situation then is difficult, to say the least. This is why it is vitally important to spend considerable time and effort on selecting your topic and subject area on which you would like to write. We have some great tips for you on how to come up with a great topic:

  1. Make sure it interests you
  2. You will be writing your dissertation for a long time. It will be the only thing in your life and there will be no escaping it. In such a deep and immersive association, you have to make sure that what you are writing about actually interests you personally. Imagine writing about the benefits of kale for years on end when you absolutely loathe kale. Exactly, it will be difficult. So, make sure you like it before you start writing about it.

  3. Make sure it interests others
  4. It is all well and good researching and writing about what you like best. But here is the thing, you are writing your piece for an audience. That is why you need to consider their likes and dislikes too. Why should someone like to read about hypothyroidism? Why would they like to read about the force of an impact that breaks a bone? Ask yourself these questions and choose the topic that you think will resonate with an audience.

  5. Make sure it has scientific relevance
  6. Your topic could be a great read for both you and your audience but does it actually have any scientific merit? Will your research add anything to the body of work that has already happened in your subject area? Will your work just be a rehash of older stuff or will you actually achieve an interesting and hopefully dramatic scientific breakthrough? You need to answer these questions before you start to write.