Quick And Simple Ways To Find Dissertation Examples In Education

Writing a dissertation is no easy task, but it usually means that you already have an idea of what your paper is about and just seem to have trouble beginning to write. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make sure that the paper written right the first time. Here are some ways to find examples that are quick and simple.


This is put here because you have likely written papers before and have some idea of how to go about completing yours. Secondly, it is likely that you have come across sample papers when you were conducting your research. Use your memory of what you have seen and begin writing.

Fellow Students

You may rely on your fellow students to supply you with examples. They probably have some examples handy, as they are writing their own. If they do not have an example readily in front of them, chances are they will point you in the direction of where to find good examples.


This could be your research professor or your class professor. Your professor may use their dissertation as an example of how to go about writing yours. You may also use the time to ask your professor about anything else regarding the paper that seems to plague you such as the length the paper should be, how many sources are required and what information is regarded as relevant when completing that.


After proving some example, your professor might direct you to the school library or a library in general. The librarian can direct you to both online and sources and paper journals. When seeking the help of the library/librarian, be sure to specify the general category your paper will be in. It will allow them to narrow down their search and help you better.


This is usually the first place students go to for examples. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing that. The internet will provide you with loads of places to find examples. Like when seeking the help of the librarian, be sure to narrow your search to the discipline that your dissertation will be about. This is stressed because different disciplines have different ways of formatting the papers.

After looking through the examples, beginning to write and completing the writing process will be a breeze. Be sure to get the draft edited by peers and professor to make sure there are no structural or grammatical errors.