Helpful Hints On How To Create A Proper Dissertation Title Page

In order for your written dissertation to be accepted and approved, there are several details or elements that have to be given proper attention. Apart from choosing a very interesting and informative topic, it is important that you carry out literature reviews, engage in adequate researches, show your findings and most importantly, properly structure and format your paper. Another very important element is the title page of your work. In order to create a proper title page, here are the things you should do. They are:

  • Look For Samples: In order to be on the safer side, it is recommended that you work with a sample. Look for samples of various dissertations that are related to, not just your field of study, but your topic too. This way, you can be doubly sure of the right structure and format for your title page.
  • Don’t Omit Any Details: The things that make up the title page of your dissertation include the title of your paper, your names (first and last names), previous degrees if earned, department, your school, faculty, program, semester, year. Copyright statement is also included.
  • Write The Title Properly: This is the most important part of your title page. Make sure that your title has the same spelling as the approved and signed proposal, including every other related documents. Avoid the use of quotation marks when typing your paper’s title. The same thing applies to the use of acronyms, except where it is extremely necessary.
  • Maintain Proper Format: It would completely ruin your work if the title page of your paper is formatted differently from the other sections of your dissertation. The font type, line spacing, headers and margins should not differ from the body of work.
  • Seek Help: This is another tip that has helped a lot of students overcome the hurdles of writing their dissertations. If you feel stuck and helpless, don’t hesitate to seek for help. You can approach your professor or supervisor to get more clarification on the requirements of your paper, understanding that the mistake you make on one page can ruin the entire project.

Now you can see that even though there are several elements or details that go into the title page of your dissertation, it can still be done with little or no stress. For better results, you don’t have to wait until the last minute before preparing your title page. You can do it well beforehand and take your time to revise and edit, where necessary.