Simple Methods You Can Use To Prepare For Your Dissertation Defense

Just because you have worked so hard and written one of the best dissertations so far by your own assertion does not necessarily mean that everything is done. As a matter of fact, you are yet to overcome the biggest hurdle so far, the defense of your paper. Incredibly you might spend a very long time, months even, to make this paper ready, but it will only take you a few minutes in front of the defense panel to make everything go wrong. The defense panel is all about confidence. There are so many students who have come here with very weak papers, but they managed to ace their presentation and the marks in general because they were confident. There are also so many who come in front of the defense panel with really good papers, but because of the fact that they are not able to stand out for themselves, everything they have worked on so hard and for so long comes crumbling down like a sand castle.

Preparation for the defense panel is one of the most important things that you are supposed to think about. It is something that will help you score more marks in the long run than you have ever imagined. The following are some points that will guide you through it all:

  • Improve your public speaking
  • Read and understand your paper
  • Do not be afraid

Improve your public speaking

In the event that you have never been able to stand in front of people and deliver a speech, this is the time for you to take some classes. It is important for you to do this because when you are defending your paper, you can never be too sure who will be in the defense room other than the panel of lecturers.

Read and understand your paper

As a good student that is preparing to face the defense panel, it is important for you to make sure that you carefully understand your paper. Not so many students do this, and this is why immediately they are asked a question that they did not expect, everything goes awry.

Do not be afraid

The people in the defense panel are just human beings like yourself. Do not be afraid of them. When you are asked something that you do not know, or one that you are not sure about, do not lie to yourself because this like will get caught very easily.