Great Advice On How To Write A Dissertation Literature Review

A literature review of a dissertation is a critical analysis of the written work that relates to the topic of your dissertation. Sometimes you can be teaching about your dissertation if the reader doesn’t know much about the topic or else you are demonstrating how well you know the topic if the reader is an expert on the topic. Here is some great advice on how to write a dissertation literature review:

  • You must be able to create a review that is well organized and moves logically from one idea to the next. In order for people to understand what you are writing, they must be able to follow your logic and try to think the way you are thinking.
  • You need to make sure that your sources that you are using are the most current on the subject and you have cited it correctly
  • Make sure that you are not drawing any sort of judgement when you are reviewing the works. Your writing should be unbiased and detailed enough to allow the reader to draw their own conclusions.
  • Make sure that your review gives a summary of the subject of your dissertation or what issue you are trying to prove
  • Organize and explain the outside literary works so that your reader can understand how each work relates to the work you are creating. Be sure to explain how each of the writings helps to corroborate or contradict the writing you are doing.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure that the sources you are using to substantiate or refute your data in your dissertation is reputable. Make sure the author of each of these works has the proper qualifications to make the judgements that he has made in the articles. Also be sure that the author is not biased but uses logical judgement when drawing his conclusions. Try to use the literature that is unbiased, qualified and adds value to your research as well.
  • Be sure to only use literature for your dissertation that is the most current and relevant to your research. If you choose to quote certain literature, make sure you only use what is important to what you are trying to prove. Your dissertation should be surrounded by your unique perspective on the topic and the literature you are using should only support what you are writing.

If you follow these guidelines you should be able to create a great literature review of your dissertation.