How To Create An Archeology Phd Dissertation In The MLA Format

Students need to create effective papers for their advanced level degrees because much is expected from them at this stage. If you are planning to defend a doctorate degree in archeology using the MLA format then you need to meet a certain set of instructions. MLA stands for modern languages association and is a popular format for papers in humanities and arts. If you are going to create your dissertation following this format, then the basic structure of your assignment will stay the same but you may add or remove some additional sections depending upon the format requirements and the instructions from your teacher.

This article will guide you on how you can create a strong dissertation following the MLA style

  1. Set the basic format details
  2. The first thing to begin with is the set the format standard page according to the specifications of the MLA style. You will have to set the margins on all sides that would be one inch. Then you should make sure that the spacing of the text is double as it is easier to read the text for the professor and enter corrections between the lines. In most cases, the font you will use for MLA is Times New Roman but you can use any other easily readable font with a size equal to 12 points

  3. Arrange your headers
  4. You will include a page header in each page on your assignment. You will include the number of the page and your surname in the header. Usually you will enter the page number in the top right corner along with surname. However, the page number may also be in any other place on the page according to the preferences from your teacher

  5. Cite your sources
  6. Whatever data you take from other sources in your paper will have to be accredited. You will have to give the acknowledgment to the original author in order to avoid plagiarism. If you are using the MLA style, you need to follow the citation rules accordingly. You will include the name of the author both last and first, the title of the source, the city of publication, the name of the publisher and year of publication

  7. Organize the list of works cited
  8. The last thing you will need is to organize the list of works in a presentable manner. You will sort them according the last name of the author