Potential Reasons For A PhD Dissertation Failure

As a student, how many times have you done a term paper only to realize you have made several grave mistakes when it is returned for revision? When it comes to writing, students have always made mistakes they later regret and so before you can sit down to jot a piece of literature, it is always important to take into account the mistakes you need to avoid. At an advanced learning level, you definitely don’t want to make a mistake you will regret for the rest of your life and so, taking a few minutes to read through some potential reasons why students fail before you finally sit down to start writing your dissertation, is important.

Well, writing academic papers has always been riddled with multiple and potential reasons that usually occasion failure and many tutors have always wondered why students make mistakes that were committed long time ago even after they have read about them. In retrospect, writing mistakes which have featured in the past and even decades ago, continue to be committed by students in this age and this begs the question, are teachers not doing enough when it comes to letting students know what ought to be avoided when writing or are students failing on their part of creativity and following instructions? In this article, we take a dive into some reasons why you could end up failing in your PhD paper, so take a leap further in reading for more details.

Spelling check negligence

Most of the times, a rush to beat deadlines has been more harming. The reason for this is that instead of finding what spelling mistakes you have made in your paper, you submit without doing so. A dissertation paper is an important part of your academic milestones don’t make the common mistake to failure by taking your time revising or proofreading. At the end of proofreading, most students have always discovered how wrong rushing is and the silly spelling mistakes it has always led to.

Poor formatting is a recipe for failure

You have finished your paper in good time but because you want to submit the same time with a mission to impress, you realize it has not been well formatted. This is another mistake students have always done and ended up failing.

Mismatch in referencing

Many mistakes have been made and the worst of them all is having in text citations which have nothing to do with references at the end of the paper.