Things You Need To Remember Writing An APA Format Dissertation

APA format is usually applied for papers in psychology, sociology, communication, education, and other social sciences. If you’re instructed to write a dissertation in APA style, you should strictly follow particular formatting rules. You may learn about them in this article.

Basic Rules

  1. Set the margins.
  2. The margins of your paper should be set 1 inch on all sides.

  3. Set the font.
  4. Use “Times New Roman” font type. The size of the font should be 12 pt.

  5. Set the spacing.
  6. The text of your entire document should be double-spaced.

  7. Set the alignment.
  8. The text of your paper should be aligned left.

  9. Set the indentation.
  10. The first line of a paragraph start half an inch from the left margin.

Rules for Creating a Title Page

  1. Set the running head.
  2. You should create a header flush left at the top of a page that will include the shortened version of your dissertation’s title. It should be written in all caps and appear on every page of your paper.

  3. Set the page number.
  4. You should place the page number flush right at the top of a page. The page number should appear on every page of your paper.

  5. Include the title.
  6. Place your title in the upper half of the title page and make it center aligned. All words in the title except for articles, adjectives, etc. should begin from capital letters.

  7. Include your name.
  8. Place your name beneath the title. Type your first name, middle initials, and last name. Don’t type any titles or degrees.

  9. Include the institutional affiliation.
  10. Place the institutional affiliation beneath your name. It should indicate the location where you’ve conducted your study, i.e. your university or college.

The second page should include your dissertation abstract. On the first line of this page, type the word “Abstract.” It should be center aligned. Don’t use bolding, italics, or other decorative techniques. On the next line, write a summary of your paper.

The body of your paper should begin on the third page. On the first line of this page, type your title. It should be center aligned and all the words in the title should begin with capital letters.

After the body chapters, you should create a list of your references. Start a new page and center the word “References” on the first line of this page. Create a hanging indentation for this chapter using a special function of your text processing program.