A Collection Of Thought-Provoking Dissertation Questions In Education

One of the major objectives of asking students to write academic papers is to add more studies to what is already in existence. Therefore, your dissertation in education is geared towards inputting more information and research in the field. This is why if you wish to make a significant impact or contribution towards improving the education sector, you should settle for a more focused topic for your academic paper instead of going for a wide-range topic. So, if you need help with more manageable but thought-provoking topics for your academic paper in education, here are some topics you should consider. They are as follows:

  • Montessori method – How well has it improved the pre-school education system?

  • An analysis of the impact of pre-school education – Does it equip or distract pupils when it is time for primary education?

  • Should money management studies be incorporated into primary school curriculum?

  • Math and language skills – Are Montessori pre-schoolers doing better than pupils in traditional schools?

  • Language and math skills – Should emphasis be lowered to help average students cope?

  • Offering support to failing students versus lowering standards – What would it be?

  • Traditional school methods versus Montessori – Which benefits pupils more?

  • Measuring performance levels through tests – Should it stay or be scraped?

  • Increased independent study for primary school pupils – Should it be encouraged?

  • Is it attainable to incorporate green living and environment preservation into the primary and middle school curriculum?

  • Primary education in the present decade – Are there any significant differences in comparison to the past two decades?

  • Should traditional primary schools imbibe the self-directed pattern used by Montessori schools?

  • Is it right to classify certain pupils as being of lesser value than other pupils?

  • Should character formation be of significant value in the school system?

  • Should emphasis be laid on skill acquisition in all stages of education?

With these topics, it is quite obvious that a significant part of the task of writing your dissertation has already been taken care of and as such, all you need to do right now is sit back, choose an interesting topic from the lot, carry out your researches and write like you have never done before. After the initial writing, you then take your time and polish the content of the academic paper to limit chances of any spelling or grammar error.