How To Write Dissertation Acknowledgements And Dedications: 8 Rules

Towards the end of university, many students will need to write a dissertation, which will generally be the first time that they have written such a long and comprehensive piece of work. In fact, there may be many firsts when it comes to writing this form of academic paper, including the fact that they might need to include dedications and an acknowledgment section for the first time in an essay that they have written.

In order to give you a better understanding of what to do when writing these sections, the following explains 8 simple rules.

  1. Avoid doing the work until the very end
  2. It is best to leave this particular section until last, as people might still help you towards the very end of the process, so you’ll want to include them.

  3. Making a list of everyone that has helped you
  4. It is easy to forget who helped you, so it can be useful to make a list of all people the you can remember assisting you in any way.

  5. Deciding who to include in your acknowledgment section
  6. Of course, some people may have assisted you in ways that are not actually worth mentioning and, therefore, you need to decide who to include.

  7. Outlining how each person helped you, before writing anything
  8. As well as making a list of who to include, it can be a good idea to add a few notes or a brief outline for each person before you start writing, so you know what to do when you compose the section.

  9. Including people in an appropriate order
  10. You will have to include people in an appropriate order, such as those who helped you the most, or those who were most important to the work for any reason.

  11. Asking their permission before including their details
  12. Some people may not necessarily want their details to be included within your paper, so it can be a good idea to check with people before you write about them.

  13. Where to include the acknowledgment section
  14. Your acknowledgment section should appear towards the end of your paper. For further information, you may wish to consult the relevant formatting guide that you are using, or speak to your professor.

  15. Checking what you have written
  16. Finally, in order to ensure that your acknowledgment section is of a high standard, you should proofread and edit what you have written.