Dissertation Topics In Architecture: Top 12 Areas To Explore

Many consider architecture a great topic to research and write about. Discovering which area within architecture to write your dissertation about may require some study and work. There are many areas to explore. If you need assistance with topic selection or any part of the writing process, check out this company. You’ll be glad you did!

The following 12 areas will give you a step in the right direction. You can use them to do some brainstorming. It will give you a head start in narrowing down the topic that you can feel passionate about, the one that’s perfect for you.

  1. Social housing architecture – changing natures
  2. Exploring the rise of suburbia in Britain and the rise of the urban village, 1919-2000
  3. Gothic architecture in European countries
  4. Gothic architecture in modern American buildings
  5. The effects of weather on architecture
  6. The architecture of landscape
  7. An adventure in the design of classrooms in the future
  8. The continuing expansion of Heathrow Airport in London – effects on surrounding areas
  9. An architectural design study of King’s Cross, London – urban redevelopment
  10. What role does the Church of England play in maintaining specific forms of architecture?
  11. Incorporating solar energy into modern architecture – benefits and limits
  12. The effects of the environment on architecture

Tips for finishing your dissertation

Once you have chosen your topic, you must narrow it down sufficiently. If it’s too broad, you will never be able to cover it fully within the confines of your paper. It must also be unique. Your supervisor or committee will be checking to make sure you are doing original research that’s not been published by anyone else to date.

Start on your paper as early as possible. Because it’s such a large project, it can quickly feel overwhelming and almost paralyzing. The more time you have to spend on completing it and perfecting it, the better it will pass the rigorous scrutiny of your review panel.

Write continually. It keeps you in the habit of writing and allows you to perfect the skill. It also avoids the days passing by with nothing being accomplished. Keep in mind when you write that all writing is meant to be rewritten. In other words, don’t try and write your final draft first. This will make you feel stuck. Just get everything written and then do your final draft at the end.